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Welcome to the Original InterlockingShoeOrganizer by BBi (Bluebox Innovations) New Official Website.
This is no ordinary shoe rack this is The Original Interlocking Shoe Organizer from BlueBox innovations is the best selling modular storage shoe organiser online.
Have a whole collection of shoes and heels that just can't wait to be organized? Then look no further than this versatile 16 Pair modular Interlocking Shoe Organiser to not only keep your shoes in order, but help end the clutter! Available in White frosted finish, this durable organizer is tough and sturdy. Its adaptable to different configurations and will fit into wardrobes, closets utility rooms and bedrooms .Order as many as you'd like, as modern times tend to demand more than 16 pairs of shoes per household! . Assembly level/degree of difficulty: Easy Each 'cube' is 18.5cm in width x 18.5cm in height x 36cm in depth (approx). You can use as many or as few sections as you like in any combination you like 4x4 8x2 or smaller configurations. This enables them to fit your space(s) perfectly. For example, if you go for the '4 cubes x 4 cubes' format, it will measure 75cm x 75cm x 36cm (approx).

Technical Details
Ideal shoe tidy for the home
Fully configurable to fit almost any wardrobe/ cupboard space
Holds up to 16 pairs of shoes depending on configurations
More than one shoe rack can be combined
Each square unit measures (HxWxD) 185mmx185mmx357mm (approx)

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Beware of cheaper imitations
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